Skinned Robotic Hand Hold 30 kg (66lb) Load (Portable Powering Supply)

This video was uplouded only for Patrons. Feel free to share it with your friends if you wish. Last days I compressed whole powering supply to the size of suitcase. It could fit everything inside but I separated electricity from water beacuse of obvious reason. We are also making skin one after another. This is about 10th version this month, finally it looks like somehow not ugliest :) What do you think about this fleshy like colour? It wasn't painted at all but maybe we should use a black pigment? This month I could bought a lot of more materials and tools because of your support! I'm going to make this project until my last breath and I'm trying to show you my best results! Thanks for your support! Next time the same approach with better resoultion taken by a new camera.

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