New #HerStory Masterclass speaker - Natalia De Barbaro!

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"A guide to sisterhood, self-love and acceptance"

Are you looking for a way into yourself in search, recovery, contact with your femininity? Do you need sisterhood, connection and talking in an intimate circle about feminine matters? If so, we invite you to our next #HerStory Masterclass! Psychologist and author of the bestselling book "Czula Przewodniczka" Natalia de Barbaro will create a unique space for us to explore such questions as: who are you today, who you want to be? She will help us look in the mirror and see ourselves, without deception and with love.
Like all our #HerStory Masterclasses, it will be a warm, feminine conversation that, we are sure, will inspire you and make you think about yourself with more love and acceptance!

When: December 1st, 2022, 19:30 pm CET

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