Marcin Kalisz

I do YouTubes in Poland but in English (with Polish subs doe), im make myself look pathetic in front of the whole freakin world, but im just like... yo whatever fam, gotta roll that bun, hun. fitness, food, lifestyle, funsies and basically whatever content, please send bread

O Autorze

wassup y'all!

welcome to my Patronite page, fam! yooooo im excited to start this one right off here...

sooo who am i... fitness role model, sex icon, masterchef and food lover, professional musician, FX movie maker, weird dude walking around with a camera and being cringe af on the streets of Warsaw (mostly).

"why do you need this page if you are so successful doe?" - you make aks. let me explain. Im just doing all this, but very lowkey right now and i need some moolah to take my craft to the next level. i have ideas, fields where i want to expand including: social media game, clothing company, fitness industry, videos and special effects but i need some stash. not necessarily to quit my regular 9-5 job and live life traveling for your money, not at all. id just like to get some better equipment to shoot and edit videos, maybe something to start making samples for clothing and gym accessories, nothing crazy but currently i cant really make any moves and id love to step up the game bringin people entertainment and knowledge. especially in the field of fitness, people in Poland are soooo off when it comes to diet and training, there is so much bs going on in there. i want to reach mass audience and help them understand whats cracking and how easy it actually is to be healthy and look good. also as you can see im doing all of my social media in English. but its not English that we learn in school, its regular lingo that actual US citizens use. im doing slang, common phrases you can here on streets of LA or NYC and TV shows, always up-to-date with new terms, throwing some references in and stuff (i try not to cuss, even that i love to, so sometimes i have to quack em out). so even that i use English i put Polish subtitles in all of my YT videos, so you can learn real English from my channel. how dope is that, cuh?

anywho, thass all i have to say. if you think im worth your support, whether its financial or just by subscribing to my channel - im honored and thank you from the bottom of my heart. and as always, stay positive. deuces from Poland. PEACE!




Pomóż, udostępniając profil!


Znajdujesz się na profilu-wizytówce - możesz podejrzeć tu moją twórczość i pasję, rozgość się więc i czuj jak u siebie! Pamiętaj jednak, że funkcja finansowego wsparcia jest niedostępna :)